Full Life

This has nothing to do with art and everything to do with my big full family life.

I am full to bursting. All our children and almost all our grandchildren AND Andrew’s brothers AND great friends helped celebrate his 60th birthday for 4 full days. (Meghan did say that 4 days of feeding feasters is a bit over the top and not to expect that when I turn 60)

All our children, sons-in-law wrote the most overwhelmingly wonderful letters to Andrew. Our grandchildren gave him the sweetest gifts- Their absolute favorite geode, the best biggest shark tooth, the smoothest polished rock wrapped in copper to form the base of a bejeweled copper tree. And one little bag of disparate objects until you read the letter:

“In this bag there are many things. First there is a whistle to give to Grandma for when you get too old and crazy. Second a plastic container to keep all our good thoughts and memories. Third, a paper origami heart for how much I love you and you love me.”


Glass Blowing

My son received his masters in mechanical engineering with materials science and the emphasis on glass. Penn State has an outlet for all that glass knowledge by way of a glass blowing studio. On a trip to visit Jarrett before he graduated, we were able to watch the fascinating process.



Bold Floral

The night before hopping on a plane to fly east, I was determined to have my students finish their floral painting on canvas. I always STRONGLY encourage them to fill the canvas; leave no naked canvas. Success!


ArtWalk Moscow, ID 2018

I love painting. I love being alone in my studio listening to my playlist, or a book, or binge watching something no one should ever want to watch, especially in quick succession. I love the paint colors, the way mixing them bring out a vibrancy that you can’t get from a single tube color. I love how the color wheel from third grade makes so much sense here on my palette. I love seeing my art hung in places I never imagined it would hang, brick coffee house walls, expansive winery walls, little cottage shop walls. But I do not like being the artist at the reception. Hanging my favorite best works out there for perusal and inspection is fine; I just don’t want to be there for it.

So I was relieved and thankful that Aileen, Jason and Sigge would be hanging around with me at the recent show. And then unexpectedly and suddenly Caitlin and Zac walked through the door too. I wept tears of joy. For real. A troop of support for me and my art.

If you are in the area, visit Bucer’s Coffee House and Pub in Moscow, Idaho for their flavorful coffee and delicious food and then sit there and enjoy my art. I won’t be there but it’s right there on the brick wall.