Full Life

This has nothing to do with art and everything to do with my big full family life.

I am full to bursting. All our children and almost all our grandchildren AND Andrew’s brothers AND great friends helped celebrate his 60th birthday for 4 full days. (Meghan did say that 4 days of feeding feasters is a bit over the top and not to expect that when I turn 60)

All our children, sons-in-law wrote the most overwhelmingly wonderful letters to Andrew. Our grandchildren gave him the sweetest gifts- Their absolute favorite geode, the best biggest shark tooth, the smoothest polished rock wrapped in copper to form the base of a bejeweled copper tree. And one little bag of disparate objects until you read the letter:

“In this bag there are many things. First there is a whistle to give to Grandma for when you get too old and crazy. Second a plastic container to keep all our good thoughts and memories. Third, a paper origami heart for how much I love you and you love me.”